Fu Kee Food Co.

Soysauce ——- one of the most ordinary things in the world. As we all know, it is from beans which naturally baked by the sun.

However, Superlative Soy Sauce clearly shows its extra ordinary aspect.
It was circulated as a royal food, only emperors entitled to eat. That really shows its preciousness. In fact, the production of Superlative Soy Sauce, the process is very complicated. It not only uses selected baked beans, but also takes prolonged fermentation. Therefore, the essence from deep layer of beans can be obtained. It combines all kinds of vitamins and amino acids that are needed by our health. It is good for brain development of children and prevention care of the elderly. Its fragrant bean taste definitely is most impressive. It makes your teeth gum good smell and brings out fresh food taste to the highest standard. This is the fact that ordinary so sauce are incomparable.

Our company mission has been aimed at 「Good Quality First」. We strive to provide good quality natural flavour. Superlative Soy Sauce certainly gives you the feeling of fresh taste.At the same time, let the traditional Chinese production of soy sauce can keep on circulating!