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About Our Factory 

i ho Yuan’s, a.k.a. Yuan’s was founded by Mrs. Tsang Ng Heh kwan in 1974. The factory was located in Shatin and moved to Yuen-long in 1980 wherein standing by today. It is a food processing manufacturing company specialized in hand crafted Royal sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, XO sauce, chili sauce, fish sauce, vinegars and other soya-based condiments. With the focus being on research & development, it is determined to produce the most edible & flavorful condiments through traditional fermentation.

While Yuan's mainly produced soy sauce, sweet & sour sauce, hoi sin Sauce, XO Sauce, Chili Sauce, Red Vinegar, etc., but our expertise does not stop there. We also specializes in pickles, seafood, meat or veggies canning, syrup coloring along with other processed or fermented foods. . 

Natural Fermentation,

Traditional Brewing, 

Sustainable Manufacturing 

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